PM Modi cuts LPG cylinder pricing by Rs 100 on Women’s Day.

Women's Day, PM Modi

On the occasion of International Women's Day, which was observed on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that he would be lowering the price of cylinders of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which is a clean cooking fuel, by one hundred rupees to “make the life of women easier.” This was done to “make the life of women easier.”

It was on the social media platform known as ‘X', which was formerly known as Twitter, that the Prime Minister made the announcement. In recognition of Women's Day, our government has decided to reduce the cost of LPG cylinders by one hundred rupees. This decision was made to celebrate the occasion. As a consequence of this, the financial strain that millions of homes all over the country are experiencing will be significantly reduced, and Nari Shakti will be the one to profit the most from this. We have high hopes that by reducing the price of cooking gas, we will not only be able to assist in the improvement of the condition of families, but we will also be contributing to the improvement of the environment. The fact that this is now in place is to our commitment to empowering women and ensuring that they have an “ease of living,” as he emphasised.

It was brought to his attention that this action will also increase the number of efforts made to safeguard the environment, which will ultimately result in an improvement in the health of families.

He also extended his greetings to females and complimented the bravery that they demonstrated as part of a second message that he sent out. As we celebrate International Women's Day, I want to wish you the best of luck! The bravery, tenacity, and resilience of our Nari Shakti are honoured, and we praise the accomplishments that they have accomplished in a variety of fields because of their efforts. The government of our country is committed to empowering women through a wide range of interventions, which include those in the domains of education, entrepreneurship, agriculture, technology, and other areas. As the Prime Minister put it, “This is also reflected in our achievements over the past ten years,” he said.

In October of the previous year, the Modi government had increased the subsidy on the scheme by Rs 100, bringing the total sum to Rs 300. This was done to make the scheme more accessible to more people. It is possible to receive up to twelve refills each year through this program, which is designed to accommodate cylinders that weigh 14.2 kilogrammes.

What is the process behind the Ujjwala Yojana?

Since its commencement in 2016, the ‘Ujjwala Yojana' has been meant to provide women from low-income households with connections to LPG that do not require a deposit to better meet their requirements.

The decision to extend this subsidy for the upcoming fiscal year 2024-2025 (FY25) was announced by Union Minister Piyush Goyal during a press conference that took place on Thursday. Goyal stated that the decision was reached by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA).

It is anticipated by the government that around one hundred million families will reap the benefits of the programme, which will incur a cost of twelve billion rupees for the government for implementation.

It is essential to take into consideration the fact that the decision was reached only a few months pbeforethe forthcoming elections for the Lok Sabha, which are anticipated to take place in either April or May. During the Modi government's efforts to secure a third straight term in office, one of the most significant political platforms that it would support is the empowerment of women, farmers, young people, and those who are economically disadvantaged.


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