BJP Campaigns On Modi’s Promise, INDIA Bloc Families Without Eyes Or Ears

Tripura chief minister

Former Tripura chief minister and Rajya Sabha MP Biplab Kumar Deb, who was announced as the BJP's Lok Sabha election candidate from the West Tripura Parliamentary constituency three days ago, returned to the state on Tuesday and stated that the saffron party would fight the country's highest election based on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's guarantee.

Deb told reporters at the BJP state headquarters in Agartala that Modi had an answer for Tripura's development. I see Modiji up close. You've picked Modiji twice. “The entire country has decided to elect Modiji for a third term.”

Deb stated that India is now known by Prime Minister Modi's name and that polls would take place, but no proof is required to demonstrate that people want Narendra Modi to be Prime Minister for the third time in a row. “Go to the booths and inform people that Modiji has offered pranam. “It will be sufficient,” Deb stated.

Deb was nominated as the party's candidate for the West Tripura Parliamentary constituency, however, the party has yet to clarify its position on the East Tripura ST-reserved Lok Sabha constituency.

Tripura's principal opposition TIPRA Motha party, which recently inked a tripartite agreement with the national and state administrations on matters affecting Tripura's tribals, is seen as a major power player among tribal electors.

When asked if the BJP would contest the East Tripura seat or if there were any other options, Deb answered, “The Parliamentary board meeting will determine the remainder of the candidates for the Lok Sabha elections. “Whoever is nominated will be chosen to help Modiji win.”

He further stated that he would attend an organizational meeting in Agartala on Tuesday before returning to New Delhi for a meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Board on March 8. This meeting is intended to be used by the party to finalize the remaining candidates.

Deb was also said to be managing electoral preparations in Haryana, where he was appointed as the party's in-charge after being abruptly removed from the Tripura Chief Minister's Office in 2022.

Deb criticized the Opposition INDIA alliance, claiming, “The INDIA alliance is an alliance of some families.” This coalition has neither eyes nor ears. Modi, on the other hand, stated from the Red Fort that the country's 140 crore people are his family. I am convinced that the BJP will form a single-member majority government for a third term.”

Deb, who oversees the BJP's organizational efforts in Haryana, claimed some agitating farmers are “sitting on the Punjab border,” but Haryana farmers have not joined the revolt.

Deb addressed farmers as “annadata,” but said, “I don't want to comment on their agitation.”

Biplab Kumar Deb urged people to vote for him in the Lok Sabha elections, saying, “When I came here in 2015, I had a small team with no MLAs or big figures. I was fortunate that the people of the state blessed me and voted in our favor. I've returned to Tripura, and I'll never forget its people. I hope the people of this state will vote for me again.”

Deb stated that Congress and Communist Party followers had voted for him in the 2018 state assembly elections, which catapulted the BJP to power despite having never won a seat in the state previously, and that he hoped that the people of the state would vote for him again. I may have made mistakes in the past, but I have never conspired to do anything. I hope the people of this state will support me once more. If you like Biplab, then choose me. I am still a Rajya Sabha MP. I do what I can, but as a Lok Sabha MP, I can reach out to them directly and have more influence. I don't want anything from anyone and can't provide anything either.

In response to his comments about the INDIA alliance, All India Mahila Congress president Alka Lamba, who is currently touring the state, said, “Biplab Debji should speak on inflation, Manipur violence, crimes on women, and why your MLAs, MPs, and ministers are getting involved in rapes, molestations, and crimes on women. I know he can't comment on this. Farmers demand MSP, youths want jobs, and youngsters are duped under the name of Agnipath. But they can't fool anyone anymore.”

On Biplab Deb's claim that Haryana farmers did not participate in the ongoing farmer's agitation, the Congress leader stated that the Haryana High Court ruled that tear gas shells are fired on farmers, not terrorists and that the BJP does not accept farmers, youths, or women, which is why they make false statements. “These lies will cost them a lot,” she explained.


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